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One Direction Limited Edition Makeup Palette Review + GIVEAWAY

Being a huge beauty lover, you can bet I was thrilled to learn about the New Markwins One Direction Limited Edition makeup palette tins.

Markwins has teamed up once again with the fabulous UK Hit Boy Band, One Direction, to give us girls super hot, super bold, edgy makeup, (Picked out by the band members themselves) along with a dreamy band member collectable tin.

I've tried out some Markwins One Direction makeup in the past and have absolutely loved it. The makeup is always so playful and inspiring, I feel super creative just using it to come up with new looks! It's no wonder the cosmetics are influenced by such inspiring musicians!

When I recently got the new limited edition palette, upon opening it to see the super bold, playful colors, I couldn't wait to give it a try! This palette is what you expect coming from the worlds biggest band who themselves are fun, bold, and a tad bit mischievous, and of course, so is the makeup! What's not to love?!

Each palette comes with the the same colors, so you can pick your favorite One Direction Band Member and get a fun collectible tin to hold your makeup in now, and once the makeup is all used up, use the collectible tin to stash come cash, store your jewelry, or whatever! The Possibilities are endless!  Personally, I'm keeping Harry right where I can see him, by placing this tin on my office desk with my post its and pens inside! After All, who doesn't want a super hot british musician, right where you can see him?!

Now, on to the makeup! Each palette comes with the same six beautiful shades of eye shadow. A beautiful silver (Nobody compares), Dark Rich Brown (I Would), champagne (Tell Me a Lie), a pretty navy blue (Summer Love), a gorgeous shade of mint green (Same Mistakes), and a deep black (Everything About You).

Eyeshadow Swatches:

Besides some gorgeous, super highly-pigmented shades of eyeshadow, like you can see from the swatches here, you also get a true matte black eyeliner (Eye Want), Silver sparkle lip gloss top coat (Over Again), and two shades of gorgeous nail polish in hot pink (Stole My Heart) and glitter flake polish (Alive).

You also get four beautiful shades of lip gloss in hot pink (Loved You First), coral (Irresistable), pale pink (One Thing), and a pretty nude beige (Heart Attack), as seen in the swatches below.

Lipgloss swatches:

What I love about this makeup (besides the super mischievous and flirty names taken from the band) are the super high pigment you get in each of these gorgeous shades of eye and lip colors, as well as the polish.

You will find quickly you only need a little bit of color and it really goes a long way! I love this, because that means this palette is going to last a long time! What I also really love is that often you buy a palette of makeup only to use about half the colors or less, because a lot of the colors really don't fit your style or just don't look that great. I have loved and used every one of these gorgeous eye and lip colors and I will be using them all until they are gone! This palette really fits my style and the colors are so absolutely rich and exquisite, I'm sure you will find you can't live without any of them too! The colors are so fun to play with and I found each shade incredibly inspiring to create new looks.

Here are some of the looks I created below using this beautiful makeup palette from Markwins.

Hot Pink (Loved You First) lip gloss:

My Ice Queen look: using the Champagne (Tell Me a Lie) under my eyebrows and the Silver eyeshadow (Nobody Compares) on my eyelids, the black matte, winged eyeliner, yellow mascara, and pale pink lip gloss (One Thing).

For another look, I decided to go with the gorgeous green mint (Same Mistakes) eyeshadow on the eyelids, the champagne again (Tell Me a Lie) under my eyebrows, and the black matte eyeliner pencil. I then finished the look with the nude-beige lip gloss (Heart Attack). 

Here's the nude-beige lip gloss (Heart Attack) topped wit the silver sparkle lip gloss top coat:

and the Pale Pink lip gloss (One Thing).

These are just some of the looks I've created using this gorgeous One Direction Limited Edition makeup palette, but the possibilities are endless. Use the black, navy, and or/brown eyeshadows for a dramatic smoky eye, paired with the pale pink gloss. You can also go with the hot pink lip gloss, and keep the eyes neutral with the champagne and brown eyeshadows.

I've had so much fun playing with this makeup palette, and I've actually gotten excited each morning thinking about the new, playful, or bold look I would create for the day! I can't wait to continue using this beautiful makeup to create more inspiring looks!

Check out just how hands-on One Direction was in coming up with these beautiful shades of eyeshadows and lip glosses to represent their Limited Edition Makeup Tins. Here you can see Liam and Niall going through the makeup:

If you would like to pick up this gorgeous One Direction makeup tin for yourself or perhaps that beauty  and/or One Direction lover on your shopping list, shop the palette today at Sears, Kmart, Walmart Canada, or Target!

Also don't forget to check out the Makeup by One Direction Facebook page to stay up to date on new products!

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Amazing Beauty Products That Will Bring Back Your Youth: Cellescence + A GIVEAWAY!

I believe that eye cream and face cream are two of the most important parts of my beauty routine, so you can bet I'm picky when it comes to the eye and skin cream products I use on my face.

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I'm constantly on the lookout for the latest in anti-aging beauty products that are going to bring me the maximum results. I don't want to settle for mediocre if I know there is something much more exceptional out there! After all, we live in a youth-obsessed culture, and for a women in her 30's, of course I'm concerned with minimizing some nasty sun spots and fine lines, as well as doing my best to bring back a more youthful, supple, softer-looking appearance.

When I came across the CellEsssence brand, I couldn't wait to give them a try. I've been hearing lots of good things about this super-innovative beauty line, and how effective it can be for fighting the signs of aging, that unfortunately show up on your face as you start to get older.

The CellEssence line is based on reinvigorating the skin barrier to help preserve the activity of the epidermal stem cells. If you know anything about beauty and skincare or really anything for that matter, you know that you can try to minimize the lines and sun spots all you want, but you really need to get to the source of the problem in order to bring back more truly youthful skin.

CellEssence understands this and puts their research into finding the best possible ways to give the skin some oomp and a push to start at repairing its own skin damage, in turn giving you a more youthful appearance, as well as a reduction in those fine lines and sun spots.

The Key ingredient behind the CellEssence brand is A-Lipoic acid, which is referred to as the "perfect" antioxidant, because it has been shown to be directly linked to preventing the aging and inflammation of the skin. It has also been shown to improve energy production of skin cells, as well as help the skin regenerate Vitamins C and E. It also helps the skin protect itself from free-radicals and sun exposure. Using this ingredient over time will minimize the fine lines and wrinkles, make large pores less noticeable, ad will encourage healthy cellular function at the source, and give your skin a more radiant glow!

You will also find other amazing ingredients in CellEssence that have been shown to repair damage to the skin cells, regenerate the skin, increase cell turnover, remove dead cells, thicken the epidermis, reduce skin-redness, improve skin elasticity, hydrate the skin, and reduce the appearance of unsightly signs of aging, such as the wrinkles and sun spots.

As you can see, CellEssence gets to the root of the problem and is going to provide you with ingredients that will not only make your skin look better, but will also improve it at the source, bringing back a much more youthful glow and appearance.

Like the cream, CellEssence's eye cream, Nuvacell, uses the same ingredients to fight aging at the source and give you healthier, more youthful-looking skin. Nuvacell also eliminates blood-originating pigments you will find around the eyes, that give you those dreaded dar circles and puffiness. Nuvacell will boost skin regeneration, which in turn will diminish the puffiness and dark circles around the eyes. Nuvacell is also great for removing furrow lines, revitalizing skin tone, and giving the skin some much-needed hydration, as well as restore inflamed pores.

Using these two together are complete powerhouses for really fighting the signs of aging, and work at a deeper level to help the skin regenerate and bring new life to your face.

I got to try both of these products out for the last few weeks and have been absolutely pleased using them both. I used both the Nuvacell eye cream and the CellEssence face cream morning and night to get maximum results. I also used the face cream on the front and back of my neck, d├ęcolletage, and the back of my hands.

What I noticed right away upon use was that my skin felt so soft, supple, and well-moisturized, especially around my eyes! I also had a few late nights with not much sleep and woke to puffy, dark circles. I would use my Nuvacell eye cream right away and within minutes, my eyes would be looking much lighter, brighter, and less inflamed.

With continued use over the last few weeks I certainly feel that my skin looks much more radiant and vibrant. I have been wearing less foundation, and actually am still using my summer sheer BB Cream, because I feel like my skin's sun spots have lightened up enough that I don't need a heavy foundation. I also have a few lines around the eyes and smile lines, and some days they appear more noticeable to me. While I'be been using my CellEssence and Nuvacell, I haven't noticed the fine lines as much.

I feel like using these products have given me a much more even skin tone, as well as more youthful looking AND feeling skin! My skin has also felt incredibly soft and supple the last two weeks, while I have been using these products.

Overall, I'm excited to see what continued use of these products will do for my skin. I love that they are moisturizing enough, my skin hasn't even seemed to notice that it's winter! I know it's rare to find really exceptional beauty products, especially when it comes to face creams and eye creams, but I feel like I have done just that, with CellEssence and Neocell!

If you would like to learn more bout the CellEssence brand or pick yourself up some lovely beauty products from them today, then be sure to shop them at today!

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Happy Beautifying!

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Insta Curls with the InstaWave by Kiss

I'm completely obsessed with beauty tools, especially when it comes to hair. I get super excited when I see a new hair tool on the market, that is going to make my morning routine faster, and really give my hair a great style!

I recently came across the InstaWave Automatic Curler by Kiss, and I had to have it! The tool works to create beautiful waves or curls, depending on how tight you curl it and how much hair you curl at once. 

I love the incredible versatility this amazing hair tool can bring you. I'm instantly on board when I know I can get several different looks from one styling tool! 

When my InstaWave showed up, I was so excited to pull it out of the packaging and give it a try! 

My hair was a day old and I had let it air dry the day before and had some product in it, so I decided to put the InstaWave to the test to see if it could give me some great curls and really keep the hold.


The InstaWave is super easy to use, but give your self a few practice tries, as it is a little different than most hair styling tools you've probably used in the past. I accidentally made this mistake and tried my first piece in the very front of my hair, right next to my face. Try your first and maybe second and third piece underneath or somewhere in the back.

The styling tool heats up right away, and you can adjust to a high or a low setting. I have super thick, full hair, so I went with the high setting, which is a maximum of 420 degrees. You then just wrap the end of some hair around the base of the InstaWave (between the prongs so that it can grab your hair and start twisting) then push the button to have it either rotate left or rotate right (depending on what side of your head your curling, and if you want the curls curling towards your face or outwards.

I started on my left side, and holding the InstaWave vertically, I curled outward by clicking the right side of the button. Like I said, it took me a few tries, but by the second or third try, I had it down. I also started playing with different curls varying how much hair I put in and if I pulled the end in around the thongs to curl up from the bottom or put my hair in towards about the bottom-middle length of my hair, to leave some of my natural ends. (I like leaving some of my ends out of the curl as this tends to give a more natural, wavy look).  You can also curl some curls to the right and some to the left, throughout your hair, to get the most natural looking curls.

When you push the button, the InstaWave will begin rotating until you reach the root of your hair. Just take your finger off the button when you get to the roots, hold for about 5-10 seconds (or less if you're going for loose waves) and then just pull the InstaWave out of the curl by pulling it downwards, vertically. I found my hair came right out of the InstaWave when I got to my roots and held, no problem. I never had any tugging on my hair of any sort, and absolutely no discomfort while using my InstaWave!

By the end of my styling session, I already felt like a pro using my InstaWave. It's super easy to use, and takes about 5-10 minutes to style your hair, depending on if you want tight curls or loose waves, and of course the length and thickness of your hair. 

I went with a look of both some tight curls and some loose waves. I did this mainly because I was testing the styling tool, but I ended up liking the mix of loose waves and tight curls, that I kept this look for the day! 

Here you can see where you can get some tighter barrel curls. Just brush out for a more natural wavy look, or use your fingers to loosen the curls and then apply some holding hairspray or pomade.

I'm absolutely hooked on this styler. It's super easy to use and I love that the barrel doesn't rotate too quickly too so you don't get your hair caught in a nasty mess! This tool is incredibly easy to use that even tween girls could use this product (if you happen to have one or more on your holiday shopping list this year!)

The InstaWave can help you change up your look daily by using it to create tons of different styles. I love the versatility of this styling tool and the fact that it does the work, the actual curling for you! It is a fully automatic curler that curls your hair for you!

Also, if like me, you often leave the house and think, "Oh crap! Did I remember to unplug my curling iron?" Well no more worrying about that! The InstaWave automatically turns off after 90 minutes! This is genius and I am surprised you don't find this on every hair tool on the market! (And yet another good reason this would make the perfect gift for younger girls on your holiday list this year, or if you have a completely forgetful room mate!)

I'm completely obsessed with my InstaWave and have no doubt I will be using it for years to come! This awesome curling iron does the work for me, is completely tangle-free and safe on my hair, and also gives me lots of fabulously different styles in minutes! I also love that my curls hold all day too!

Interested in picking up an InstaWave for your self or someone on your holiday list this year? You can find it at Walmart, Ulta, and You can also learn more about InstaWave from Kiss by checking out their website,

Happy Curling!

* I was given this product from Kiss and for the purpose of review, however, all thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are solely my own. I only share reviews with my readers, I feel will be beneficial or informative in some way.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Fun Makeup for those One Direction Fans on Your Holiday Shopping List + GIVEAWAY

Have you got some big One Direction fans on your shopping list this year? I have the perfect gift for you! As some of you may already know, Markwins has teamed up with One Direction to create super fun, playful, limited edition makeup sets in collector-style kits!

I recently got to try out the latest One Direction makeup kits and am beyond thrilled! These kits are perfect for the makeup-lover or really anyone who likes to play with creative, unique, bold makeup looks!

In these kits you will find three super bold mascaras in pink (Does He Know), blue (Why Don't We Go There), and yellow (Story of my life). You also get three lip glosses in a bright orange (Kiss You) bright pink (Taken) and bright pinkish-red (Through the Dark), as well as a fun set of three nail polishes in a bold blue (Happily), hot pink (moments), and a silver glitter polish (Diana) and three different pots of glitter in blue (Kicks), pink (Not Afraid), and a multi-silver and pink (Star).

Wow, where do I start? I dove right into these cosmetics when they showed up because I was so excited to see what fun, bright, colorful looks I could come up with. The selection of makeup is great for the creative beauty lover on your holiday list, because the options are endless. You can create so many different styles with these nail polishes, lip sticks, and mascaras.

I'm a huge fan of nail polish and since my package arrived at night,  I figured the nails were the first place to start! I love that you get three lovely shades of polish in this set but you also get three glitter pots! I've actually never used a glitter pot with nail polish before so this was a little new to me, but that is also what made it incredibly exciting too!

I decided to first try out the lovely hot pink (Moments). I had a hard time choosing the glitter because any one of them would look amazing with it, but I went with the pink-silvery (Star) glitter. I dipped my thumb in the pot and got a ton of glitter that stuck right to my wet pink nail polish. I loved the look but was afraid I would get glitter everywhere so I decided to sprinkle the rest of my nails using the same glitter. 

The glitter actually holds amazingly well to the wet nail polish and I actually didn't end up making that big of a mess. I did my nails right there on the couch watching TV and actually hardly had glitter end up anywhere else.

This look is super playful and I love the added fun of adding the glitter to the polish. The looks you can create using the glitter are endless. You could easily just dip the tips in the glitter pot for gorgeous glittery french tipped nails or just add the glitter to the ring-finger and keep the rest of your nails more on the neutral side.

I'm super excited to try the rest of the polishes out and keep creating new fun, inspired, playful, bold looks just in time for the holiday season!

The next morning, I decided to try out some of the shocking mascara and fun lip gloss! I decided to keep my eyes neutral here since I knew I would be wearing the bright blue mascara (Why don't We go There). I used a taupe and tan eye shadow and a silvery eyeliner along the base of my eyes. Then added the blue mascara.

I actually loved the look of the blue mascara far more than I thought I would. It looks different because you're not use to seeing blue on the eyelashes, but it gives that same pop of color wearing a bright blue eyeliner would, but it's much, much easier! People certainly took note and noticed my bright blue eyes. I got quite a few compliments on it. I love that it's kind of the unexpected when it comes to makeup, but as you can see here, you can still make it look completely natural and not too out there if you don't want to.

Blue Mascara:

For my lips, I used the bright orange lip gloss in Kiss You. It looks shockingly orange in the tube but when you apply it to your lips, its the most beautiful light neutral shade of peach. I absolutely love this gloss. I loved them all but the orange ended up being my favorite, which is funny, because I expected by looking at it in the tube that it would be my least favorite!

Kiss You (Orange) Lip gloss:

Through the Dark (Pinkish-red) Lip Gloss:

For the second day, I decided to go with the yellow mascara (Story of My Life). I thought about this a little ahead of time, the night before, wondering how I could also make this fun bright yellow mascara less shocking for those who want to tone it down a bit.

When I put my makeup on, I went with bright yellow mascara first. I played with it against an icy background of silver eyeshadow around my eyes, and a gold shadow up to my eyebrows. I also used a black eyeliner to really open my eyes and play against the yellow. Here is the look using the yellow mascara.

Yellow Mascara:

For a second look with the yellow mascara, I decided I could tone it down a bit by adding an ombre effect using black mascara. I lightly coated the tips of my eyelashes on top and bottom using the black mascara.

I'm head over heels for this look. I love the pop of yellow you get, but you still get that dramatic long lash using the black mascara as an ombre. (You could also reverse this look and use the bright mascara's on the tips of the eyelashes!) The yellow is super fun but it does lighten up your lashes a bit so by adding black to the tips, you still get that extra length and drama but with a playful edge when you see the yellow mascara poking out at the base of the lashes.

You can also use the mascara as hair highlights too!

Yellow Mascara ombre with Black Mascara:

I've had a blast playing with these adorable makeup sets, and so will the beauty lover on your holiday list! I plan on gifting one of these fun sets to my nieces who are both HUGE One Direction fans and who have just hit the age (tween and early teen) where their mother has started letting them play with makeup.

This is such a fun set that can really spark the creativity and personally I'd love to see what a 13 and 14 year old could do with these bright, shocking colors! All though their mother may not like it as much as I do! But as you can see here, this makeup is great for many ages! I'm in my 30's and I love playing with these super bright, bold, colors too!

If you would like to learn more about these super bold, super playful makeup kits from Markwins and One Direction, they will be available to purchase Nov. 15th, at a variety of fine retailers, including Dillards, Macys, Lord & Taylor, Boscov's, Beauty Brands, and Stage Stores, at a price every girl can afford!

Be sure to Visit the Makeup by One Direction Facebook page to stay up to date on all the latest fun makeup and news about the band!

Also, the lovely people of Markwins are also giving you a chance to win some of these gorgeous One Direction Makeup kits for yourself! 

Or Enter to Win Here!

Happy Creating!

* I was given this product from Markwins and for the purpose of review, however, all thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are solely my own. I only share reviews with my readers, I feel will be beneficial or informative in some way.

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