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No More Panic When Your Phone is About to Die: Lumsing 10400mAh PowerBank Portable Charger Review

I've recently written about Lumsing and their amazing PowerBank Portable Chargers, and that's because I'm obsessed with these little life savers  (See my review on the Lumsing Portable Sleek Powerbank Here).

When I say It's a lifesaver, I completely mean it. How many of us feel completely naked or even anxious and stressed when we realize we've left our phone at home or we look down to see that we only have enough charge to last for about ten more minutes?

I've unfortunately put myself in this situation one too many times, and it feels like an extension of me is missing. I really do feel my heart beat faster, my body tense up, and my stress level rise as soon as I realize my phone is about to die and I'm no where near my charger or an outlet! 

It's insane to think that we've become a generation so obsessed with our phones that it really puts a lot of us into instant stress mode when we realize we may not be able to use if it we need it! But that's just the way our lifestyles have become, at least for most of us. With smart phone capabilities, we are able to do EVERYTHING from our phone now, so when the battery is about to die, it really does put a lot of us into an instant panic!

Well like any good preparedness plan, why is battery back up not at the very top of most of our lists yet? I know it hasn't been for me, mainly because I didn't even know battery backups existed, but they do! Now that I know this, I keep my Lumsing portable charger charged and with me at all times. This way, if I notice my phone is almost dead, I just plug my Lumsing into it, and ta da! My phone is charged and ready to use!

I recently got to try the 10400mAh Portable Charger from Lumsing (shown here). And have absolutely loved it! It is super easy to use, light weight and portable, not to mention it looks fabulous too, and most importantly, it puts your mind at complete ease! Keep it charged, then when you need it, you just plug it into your smart phone, tablet, or mp3 player, and you will get instant charging! 

I used it on my iPod as soon as I got it, just because I hadn't tried that out with my Lumsing yet. It charged it in full within a couple of hours, and my Lumsing still had enough juice to charge up my iPhone and tablet as well. 

With this awesome device, you can usually charge 4-5 devices with it in a single charge. (You can get more charges out of a smart phone, but for bigger devices like a tablet, you will be able to get about 2 charges out of this). You just plug your Lumsing in and let it charge for most of the day. Take it with you, and you will be able to charge 4 or 5 of your devices on the go, when your phone or tablet battery is about to die.

Once your Lumsing runs out of juice, just charge it again, and then it's ready to go once again for when any of your devices need to be recharged.

Also what is really impressive, is that you can get over 500 charges from your Lumsing over the life of it's battery! That is absolutely amazing to me! It also comes with this nice carrying case to keep it safe and clean, and keeps your cord with it, so you have it when you need to charge your phone.

If you would like to learn more about the Lumsing 10400mah PowerBank portable charger, or pick one up for yourself, then be sure to check them out HERE on Amazon. Regularly $59, you can pick it up right now on SALE for only $19! 

ALSO, right now you can win this Lumsing Powerbank for yourself! Like them on Facebook, follow Lumsing on Twitter,  and enter their GIVEAWAY HERE.

* I was given this product for review. However, all thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are solely my own. I only share reviews with my readers, I feel will be beneficial or informative in some way.

A Much Easier Way to Detox the Body and Rid Yourself of those Nasty Toxins!

Although I mainly write about fashion and beauty, I'm hugely passionate about health and fitness, and have been for over a decade. I believe that diet and exercise is important, but there are things we can do to help aid weight loss as well.

I have always been very against diet pills and I don't ever buy into new fad diets. I never have. I have just educated myself on eating healthy, as well as cutting out animal products out of my diet. I did this mostly from a humane perspective, but also because when I read more into it, I found that a plant based diet is actually so much healthier AND you can still get plenty of protein without eating meat, contrary to popular belief.

Upon changing my diet up about 4 years ago, by cutting out meat, I have become more open to weight loss aids. I've found there are great supplements out there that can aid in weight loss. I've also only recently started learning more about detoxes.

When I first heard about food detoxes, I was beyond skeptical. To me it was silly. As soon as you go back to normal food a week later, you will put that weight back on. duh! But what I didn't realize is that the detox helps you lose some weight sure, but it's done to help cleanse the body. Believe it or not, it really does serve the body a good purpose.

As I started researching more into detoxes just this last year, I found notable and credible documentaries, articles, and books on how the body actually does need a good detox every so often. The reason is, our American diets are horrible. Most of us eat a TON of processed foods and are even regulars at fast food joints.These foods are so unhealthy. We already knew that, but what I didn't realize, is that they contain a lot of toxins (especially processed foods) that build up in our systems for years and years, and its wreaking havoc on our bodies and making it so we are completely unable to shed those last 10 pounds, no matter what we do!

With this information in mind, I decided it was time to try a detox. I did my first one this May, and what I found was astonishing, I lost about 6 pounds in one week, sure (I have gained it back, because I was already at my ideal weight) but my body felt so much better, I had so much more energy. And the biggest difference I noticed, sorry I have to take it here, but I was much more regular. I've always struggled with this my whole life and in one week, the difference was amazing. I realized that my body must have really needed a detox!

Detoxes can be hard to endure for a whole week. It's hard to deprive the body of most foods, and some detoxes require only juices or smoothies. I actually did eat some whole foods in mine, but the meal plan was very strict. I've been meaning to do another one but it's hard to get motivated to do one.

This is wear TruSol Colon Detox comes into play. For those of us who really struggle with a food detox, because lets face it, it's really hard to do! This is a great alternative that can provide your body with the same benefits.

I got to try out this product for a week and I was surprised to see that I received some of the very benefits from using this product as I did while going through a 7 day food detox. I had more energy, my body felt better, and just like the name, my colon was getting a good cleansing! I was much more regular once again (Again, sorry!)

Like a food detox, TruSol Colon Detox should only be used for a week at a time, but you WILL notice some health benefits from using it. I felt better. I was also more motivated to eat a little better too during the week since I knew this supplement was working hard to give my body a good cleanse, I didn't want to weigh it down any more than I had already.

Stuff builds up in our bodies all the time! Unhealthy food is continually adding some nasty toxins that sit in the digestive tract and these toxins build up and sit there for years! It's important to be giving our body a good cleanse to keep it running smoothly and feeling it's very best.

If you find it hard to do a food cleanse for a week, then this is the product for you! You will get the same benefits without having to have the motivation to extremely restrict your diet for a whole week. Your body will be healthier and you may very well lose some weight in the process as your body rids itself of those toxins that have built a home in your body!

If you would like to learn more about  TruSol Colon Detox, you can find and purchase them on Amazon. Get a 60 capsule bottle for only $18! Also be sure to check out other customers reviews while you are there, and see what everyone else is saying about this amazing product too!

Happy Cleansing!

*I was given this product from TruSol and for the purpose of review. However, all thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are solely my own. I only share reviews with my readers, I feel will be beneficial or informative in some way.

How to Get the Rodarte-Inspired Messy Braid

All photos and text are free to use with a proper credit and link back given to guest contributor Steph Brinkerhoff.Other photo tutorials & hair tips available upon request. Happy sharing!
"It’s a lot easier to recreate than you think," explains guest contributor Steph Brinkerhoff. "It’s best to start on wavy or second-day hair to give the look added texture. It also doesn’t hurt to spray a little hairspray or spray wax in it beforehand to add a little grip and grunge. Here’s how to get the look…"

1. Beginning on wavy hair, take a medium to large section (depending on how thick your hair is) close to your right ear.

2. Braid the section going from the front to the back.

3. Repeat on the opposite side.

4. Bring both braids to the back and secure them with an elastic.

5. Loosen and mess up both braids by pulling on them gently with your fingers.

6. Take one braid and wrap it up and around itself, creating a small braided bun. 

7. Secure with bobby pins.

Click here for even more cool hair tips and ideas!

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Adfilic Bluetooth Portable Stereo Wireless Speaker Review + GIVEAWAY

Although I don't often write a lot about technology, truth is technology has become so advanced, we all use a lot of it, including our grandmothers. Being a blogger of any type of niche, it's hard to not stick some technology posts in there somewhere. Technology is incredibly thrilling to a lot of us. New wonderful products are always flooding the market, each making life so much easier, more comfortable, enjoyable, and are often also saving us more time as well!

ENTER TO WIN this bluetooth speaker for yourself at the bottom of this post! 

I'm a huge fan of music, in fact I dare say long with fashion, and animals, it's one of my biggest passions in life. Even as a a very young girl I remember borrowing my older brothers' cassette tapes to listen to their music (yes I just completely gave away my age there). When CD's hit the market when I was in high school, I remember thinking the way we listened to music would be changed before. But CD's were just the beginning (and are all but obsolete now). Then came MP3's, with that iPods and portable music playing devices (well at least not the horrible bulky walkman or CD player anymore). 

Now in the last few years, bluetooth speakers have hit the market. Paired with your smart phone, MP3 player, tablet, computer, or anything with bluetooth capabilities, listening to music could not get any easier.

I recently got to review this adorable little blue portable, wireless, bluetooth speaker by Adfilic. First off when I got it, I was already in love with the color. This is one of my favorite shades of blue! (If you aren't a fan of blue, you can also pick this up in black!)

I love the size, it makes it so easy for packing it around everywhere, especially if you travel for work and want some extra great sound while watching a movie on your laptop. (This baby fits right in your hand!)  I personally stuck mine in the bathroom and used it every morning while getting ready for the day. The size is great for not taking up much room on the bathroom counter, and the volume you get out of this bluetooth speaker is perfect for a large bathroom or room. (But please note that I do like my music loud, and others may find the volume level perfect for anywhere in the house).

I love the ease of turning my music on, on my iPhone, then just simply turning my Adfilic bluetooth speaker to ON, selecting the Bluetooth mode, and voila! My favorite music is playing! You also have the option to use AUX input, and the speaker comes with an auxiliary wire, so you can plug your phone in to if if you rather.

I used my speaker for the last few weeks and the battery power is amazing on it. I accidentally left the power button on all day one day, so I did have to recharge it that night. If you use it for an hour or two a day like I do, you can use it for about a week before you need to recharge the battery. Recharging is also extremely simple. The speaker comes with a USB wire, you just plug into your computer or a USB outlet if you happen to have one of those plugged into your wall.

While all of this stuff is wonderful to hear about, it's time to get to the most important part. The sound! I'm extremely picky about speakers, I have been my whole life. I refuse to drive a car that doesn't have an amp and a subwoofer. I've been this way ever since I could drive. In my home, I require the best surround sound possible, and if I'm buying anything to do with music, I'm making sure it's top quality. I'm completely bugged when music isn't crystal clear and has no bass.

I've tried a few portable bluetooth speakers, usually much bigger then this, and when I turned this baby on and tried it out for the first time, I was extremely impressed. The high quality sound coming out of such a little (and very inexpensive) bluetooth speaker is absolutely AMAZING! The sound is indeed crystal clear. I can sing along to songs and actually get the words right because I can hear them perfectly. (Yeah I'm that person that sings along to everything, and before sound quality increased so significantly in speakers over the last few years, I was constantly singing the wrong words). Well you won't have to worry about that with this fabulous bluetooth speaker. You can hear the words perfectly, and the bass! Oh the bass! I played some Drake when I first got it and the bass, especially heavy bass in hip hop, sounds wonderful on this speaker!) I also played a range of rock, pop, alternative, and some dance while trying out this speaker, and ALL varieties of music sound great on this portable bluetooth speaker.

The only drawback I have with this speaker is I wish it was a bit louder, but like I said, I like my music loud. Actually really loud. I'm also that annoying neighbor driving down the street with the bass thumping. But honestly for the size of this speaker, it actually puts out a lot of volume. Most people would probably not need more volume then what you can get from this innovative bluetooth speaker.

Also, this speaker also has built-in speakerphone and microphone for incoming calls, when you happen to be listening to music or it streaming from your phone. I actually didn't get to try out a call while using it, in fact I didn't even realize it did that until just now when I read that on their site. What an amazing feature I had no idea you could even get on a bluetooth speaker, especially one this small and portable!

Overall, I've been absolutely loving this wireless bluetooth speaker and have been using it nearly every day since it arrived! I love that because of it's small size, it sits on my bathroom counter and takes up virtually no space. I love the ease of turning my music on, on my phone and just having to hit the ON button on the bluetooth speaker, and just like that! I've got music! I couldn't be happier with the sound quality you get out of this speaker, especially the bass!

I'm wondering how I ever lived without this speaker before! I know you will too, and for only $24 on Amazon, you absolutely can't go wrong with purchasing one for yourself! Even if you're not a big music fan, this is great for adding better sound to your laptop when watching a movie!

If you would like to learn more about the Adfilic Portable, wireless, bluetooth speaker, or buy one for yourself, you can purchase them HERE on AMAZON Right now for only $24!

ALSO, the lovely people of Adfilic are letting me GIVEAWAY one of these amazing portable bluetooth speakers to one of my wonderful readers! 

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Good Luck Lovelies! xo xo

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You Won't Want to Shop Anywhere Else for Designer Fashion Ever Again: Fashion Project

I've only recently become obsessed with buying vintage clothing. In fact, if you love designer goods but it just doesn't quite fit your budget, buying it vintage is the best way to go! Hands down! You can find lots of unique, trendy, designer pieces in fabulous condition and save your self hundreds of dollars in the process!

While there are now tons and tons of sites online where you can buy vintage designer clothing at a huge savings, I found a site where a whopping 55% of each purchase is donated to charity! Not only can you find lots and lots of fabulous clothing, bags, shoes, accessories and more from lots of different designers and brands, but your shopping will be helping out those less fortunate too! Now what a great way to shop and feel good about it!

So where can you do this do-gooder shopping, while also finding that vintage Prada handbag you've had your eyes on for years?! At Fashion Project, you can find lots of great items and prices that will blow your mind!

I found this lovely Rebecca Minkoff bag for only $69. That is an incredible savings of 66% Off! (55% of the Proceeds go to The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society of New York). I also found some of my other favorite designers such as Kate Spade, Mark Jacobs, Coach, and Michael Kors, while shopping the handbag section of!

I'm a shoe girl all the way, so I certainly had to look over the shoe section! I found these gorgeous LAMB by Gwen Stefani Booties for only $39! 88% off of Retail, with 55% of the proceeds going to the "It Gets Better Project." I also found some beautiful Jimmy Choo boots, Stuart Weitzman wedges, Tahari Strappy sandals, and lots, lots more! In fact there are currently over 28 pages of shoes on the site! You can find nearly every designer imaginable, at an absolute bargain!

What fall shopping is complete without the clothes?! I love that this site lets you put in your size in the search bar, making shopping incredibly easy and time saving! When I put my size in (a size 6) , I found a great selection of jeans, dresses, jackets, skirts, sweaters, and more!  (You can also search the site by Brand, or even the Charity you would most like to donate to!) My Favorites are this Lafayette skirt for only $35, This Shae sweater for $79 , and this lovely Kai-aakmann dress for only $49. (Supporting the Oakland Literacy Council, JD's Global Education Fund, and the Breast Cancer Research Foundation).

These are just a few of my favorite pieces from the shop. I also found a gorgeous Nanette Lepore blazer and Theory Denim jacket in my size too!

The clothes and accessories are in great shape. Only nearly new or clothing in great condition are accepted to be sold on the site, so you know you're only getting the best when making purchases at Fashion Project. In fact, you can read on each item the condition it is in and if there is slight wear, or anything like that so you know exactly what you're getting. 

I'm not going to lie, I'm completely obsessing over this site. I plan on coming here first before doing any of my fall shopping, or whenever I'm looking for a great deal on something designer. This site has some of the lowest prices I've seen for vintage clothing, and I still can't get over the fact that my shopping goes to a good cause as well! 

Anyone can donate the brands accepted, and ship it for free. When your item is bought, 55% of the proceeds go to YOUR charity of choice! If you donate, you also get rewarded with a gift card.

If you happen to buy something and aren't completely thrilled with it, you have 30 days to return it. This is amazing because on most vintage sites, you absolutely can not return anything, for any reason. You not only get rewarded with feeling good for buying something that helps wonderful charities and organizations, you also get the thrill of finding an absolute bargain on something designer, AND you also get peace of mind knowing that you can always return an item if you're not 100% in love with it!

You can shop lots of places and get either piece of mind or the thrill of the designer bargain, but you won't find a shop that gives you both of these AND donates part of the proceeds to charity! It's just completely unheard of. I'm an avid shopper and I love the thrill and piece of mind knowing I can return it if I'm not happy, but its rare you can also get that wonderful feeling knowing your purchase just helped someone truly in need. 

When you can get this kind of a shopping experience from shopping at Fashion Project, I know at least for me, it would be hard to shop anywhere else! You can bet I'm bookmarking this site right now, signing up for their email so I stay in the loop, and will be visiting often especially when its starts to cool down and I'm in need of some fabulous winter fashion!

If you would like to learn more about this amazing shopping site, be sure to visit, and let some of the most fulfilling shopping experiences of your life begin!

Happy Shopping!

*This is a sponsored blog post by Fashion Project and 

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An Incredibly Moisturizing, Natural, and Organic Serum from SOBO Skincare

Serum has been a very important part of my skincare routine for a few years now. If you don't regularly use serums, you really should! You can get some amazing added benefits by using one that you may not be getting in your moisturizer.

Most serums are packed with powerful anti-aging ingredients to treat signs of aging such as fine lines and wrinkles, dark spots, uneven skin tone, and more. You can also find incredible moisturizing ingredients in serums too that can give your dry skin some much needed moisturize.

I recently got to try out a serum from a new brand I had never heard of before. SOBO, a new organic and natural line of skincare products made from the best stuff on earth! 

The SOBO brand uses the most purest and wholesome natural ingredients in all of their skincare products. They do not test on animals and also do not contain nasty ingredients such as Parabens, Sulfates, Phthalates, Synthetic dyes and fragrances, Triclosan, or GMO's. In fact, if you don't know about these harmful ingredients that can regularly show up in skin care and other beauty products, be sure to educate yourself on them by visiting the SOBO's website to learn more

SOBO uses natural and efficient ingredients shown to reduce signs of aging, including reducing signs of stress and fatigue in the skin as well.

You can find great and effective organic products from the SOBO brand, including the Ultra Age Repairing Cream with Resveratrol, the Ultra HGF Youth Serum, the Age Smoothing Eye Serum (like I got to try here), and the Essential Moisturizing Cream.

When my eye serum showed up, I actually ended up using it for my whole face. It is so rich and creamy and I was especially surprised with how moisturizing this serum is. In fact, I dare say it's one of the most moisturizing serum's I've ever used (for eyes or face!)

This serum is a gel form but goes on so nice and smoothly. My face soaked it up right away, and is left feeling refreshed, radiant, and completely moisturized.  

I've been using this product over the last week and while using it, I haven't even needed to use a day or night cream with it. I rarely find a serum that is THAT moisturizing! But you really don't even need the heavy creams while using this lovely little serum because it packs so much added moisture!

This eye serum is great for reducing eye puffiness, as well as reducing fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes. The serum contains essential lipids that promote healing in the skin, as well as protecting it from environmental pollutants. This serum is especially great to use after microdermabrasion and laser therapy procedures, to gently help heal and nourish the skin. The SOBO brand of skincare is also great for every skin type!

While using my SOBO Age Smoothing and Protectant Serum for the last week, I have visibly noticed much more moisturized, radiant looking skin. My skin feels smooth and soft, and also feels much more supple and even plump! Like I said above, this is one of the most moisturizing serum's I have ever used, and I firmly believe that great anti-aging skincare products absolutely need to be moisturizing to give skin the most added anti-aginig benefits.

I've loved using this product and can't wait to try more from the SOBO brand! If you're interested in trying their effective, natural, and organic skincare line, be sure to check them out at today! Also see their advance skincare tips HERE.

Also, the lovely ladies of SOBO are offering my readers a HUGE DISCOUNT off any of their skincare products! Use the CODE: TRYSOBO to receive 25% off at checkout!

Happy Shopping!

* I was given these products from Sobo Skincare and BrandBacker for the purpose of review. However, all thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are solely my own. I only share reviews with my readers, I feel will be beneficial or informative in some way.

The Perfect Stylish and Comfortable Jeans for Fall: DENIZEN by Levi's Brand Jeans Review + GIVEAWAY #DENIZENTastemaker

Fall is officially here next week, and for me, that means fabulous denim jeans. When cool weather hits, I want to be warm, comfortable and looking my best, and when it comes to those three things, jeans are hard to beat. Especially when you find that perfect fit that really feels like a second pair of skin rather then clothing. This is why I love skinny jeans and jeggings so much, because they give you the comfort of leggings, but without the need to hide your butt because leggings can show just a little too much. The pockets and denim of skinny jeans and jeggings give a great shape and just the right amount of stretch for pure comfort.

I have been a fan of DENIZEN from the Levi & Strauss brand for a few years now and was thrilled when I got to try out two new pairs of jeans they have hitting stores now just in time for fall. (You can find them at Target, or

SEE THE BOTTOM OF THIS POST to find out how you can WIN 2 PAIRS OF JEANS for yourself!

DENIZEN from the Levi's Brand is made by Levis Strauss & Co. so you know you're getting great quality jeans made by a company that has been in the business since the beginning of jeans in the 1930s.

These fabulous jeans are sold exclusively in the US and has been made completely affordable. In fact, most pairs are only $27! For jeans, that is absolutely unheard of. And when you try them on and wear them, you will wonder why you've ever paid more than $30 for a pair of jeans!

DENIZEN from the Levi's brand jeans come in a variety of styles including boot cut, skinny, straight leg and more. They are also available for men, women, and boys! You can also find Women's jeans in a wide range of sizes, including sizes 2-18, in long, regular, or short!

These jeans are well-crafted and made to be great-fitting. When I tried mine on, I couldn't believe how comfortable they truly were. I got a pair of boot cut jeans in the shade, Limo, as well as some skinny jegging jeans with a stretch waist. Both had just enough stretch and were made with super soft denim, that they offered some of the best comfort in jeans I've ever found. I love a good pair of bootcut jeans but skinny jeans are by far my favorite. These fabulous skinny jeans are some of the most comfortable skinny jeans I've ever worn. I actually love the elastic waist. It blends right in with the fabric and looks like regular jeans but you don't get the button and zipper pushing into your gut when you sit down. (If you wear a lot of skinny jeans, you know this can be a real problem since they are made to fit so tightly and snug).

I wore both pairs of these jeans day in and day out for the last week and have been nothing short of impressed. They both fit so comfortably, it makes it super easy for lounging around in, but if you end up having to run some where at last minute, you look incredibly chic without even having to try! Forget ever wearing those ugly old stretch pants around the house ever again! With the incredibly softness of the denim, and the super stretchy comfort fit of these amazing jeans, there is absolutely no excuse to not be looking your best while lounging around in complete comfort!

The stretch offers a 40% stretchability, so it's actually made to fit perfectly to your body, and move well with you. They offer an unheard of 4-way give which will move nicely with you as well as give you absolutely no sagging or bagging around the hips, waist, or bum.

These jeans also look so great, they are completely versatile and can easily go from day to night, just by changing up some accessories. I wore my boot cuts here as a day time look, with flats, and a big faux fur bag. I then styled my skinny denim for night with some booties, a cute white faux leather clutch, and a white denim jacket.

But don't just take my word on how absolutely amazing and fabulous DENIZEN from the Levi's brand jeans are. Their Stretch Modern Boot Cut and Essential Stretch Modern Skinny jeans  are not only best selling but two-time award winning denim!

Check out my styled DENIZEN from the Levi's Brand Jeans looks here:

DENIZEN by the Levi's Brand Essential Stretch Modern Boot Cut Denim Jeans $27:

DENIZEN by the Levi's brand Essential Stretch Modern Skinny Denim Jeans $27:

I know you will love your DENIZEN by the Levi's Brand jeans as much as I do. You can see here how amazing they look and how much versatility they can add to your wardrobe, but just wait until you try them on! You will be amazed with the comfort, and thanks to the incredible stretch in these jeans, most body types will be able to find a pair that look fabulous on their body!

If you would like to learn more about these super soft, super comfortable jeans or pick some up for yourself, shop them today at or

But wait! The lovely people of DENIZEN by Levis Brand Jeans are letting me GIVEAWAY both of these pairs of jeans to one luck winner! (a $44 Value!)

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2. Make sure you are following both @DENIZENJeans and @ladyboarder9669

3. Comment here with your twitter handle, letting me know you've entered!

Good Luck Lovelies! May the best tweet win! xo xo

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*I was given these products for the purpose of review, however, all thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are solely my own. I only share reviews with my readers, I feel will be beneficial or informative in some way.